This is a secure Z-Wave Device for Europe. To run this device please insert fresh 4 * AA batteries. Please make sure the internal battery is fully charged.

To confirm Inclusion and Exclusion insert the following Key sequence on the key pad: "C" + "8" + "8" + "8" followed by turning the handle on the inside of the door lock. The operation is confirmed by a long beep.

Important safety information

Please read this manual carefully. Failure to follow the recommendations in this manual may be dangerous or may violate the law. The manufacturer, importer, distributor and seller shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from failure to comply with the instructions in this manual or any other material. Use this equipment only for its intended purpose. Follow the disposal instructions. Do not dispose of electronic equipment or batteries in a fire or near open heat sources.

What is Z-Wave?

Z-Wave is the international wireless protocol for communication in the Smart Home. This device is suited for use in the region mentioned in the Quickstart section.

Z-Wave ensures a reliable communication by reconfirming every message (two-way communication) and every mains powered node can act as a repeater for other nodes (meshed network) in case the receiver is not in direct wireless range of the transmitter.

This device and every other certified Z-Wave device can be used together with any other certified Z-Wave device regardless of brand and origin as long as both are suited for the same frequency range.

If a device supports secure communication it will communicate with other devices secure as long as this device provides the same or a higher level of security. Otherwise it will automatically turn into a lower level of security to maintain backward compatibility.

For more information about Z-Wave technology, devices, white papers etc. please refer to www.z-wave.info.

Product Description

The ZM1702 is a Z-Wave controllable door lock that fits into standard European doors. The mechanics can be adopted to right or left opening doors. The door lock can be applied for doors from a thickness of 38 mm and up. Since the lock is just a single dead bold lock it will not replace modern three dead bold locking outer doors. The door can be locked and unlocked using the inner side turn piece and/or the key pad. The wireless control allows to lock/unlock the lock, set/unset up to 15 different key codes (4...8 key long) and to limit the validity of certain key code.

Note: The distance between the center of the handle axle and the center of the key insert is 88 mm. If the lock shall be used to retrofit an existing door, the original handle lock distance needs ot be similar.

Scope of Delivery:

Prepare for Installation / Reset

Please read the user manual before installing the product.

In order to include (add) a Z-Wave device to a network it must be in factory default state. Please make sure to reset the device into factory default. You can do this by performing an Exclusion operation as described below in the manual. Every Z-Wave controller is able to perform this operation however it is recommended to use the primary controller of the previous network to make sure the very device is excluded properly from this network.

Safety Warning for Batteries

The product contains batteries. Please remove the batteries when the device is not used. Do not mix batteries of different charging level or different brands.


Dimensions of the door

Change Orientation of the Handle


On factory default the device does not belong to any Z-Wave network. The device needs to be added to an existing wireless network to communicate with the devices of this network. This process is called Inclusion.

Devices can also be removed from a network. This process is called Exclusion. Both processes are initiated by the primary controller of the Z-Wave network. This controller is turned into exclusion respective inclusion mode. Inclusion and Exclusion is then performed doing a special manual action right on the device.


 insert the following Key sequence on the key pad: "C" + "8" + "8" + "8" followed by turning the handle on the inside of the door lock. The operation is confirmed by a long beep.


 insert the following Key sequence on the key pad: "C" + "8" + "8" + "8" followed by turning the handle on the inside of the door lock. The operation is confirmed by a long beep.

Product Usage

Visual feedback message definitions:

Quick trouble shooting

Here are a few hints for network installation if things dont work as expected.

  1. Make sure a device is in factory reset state before including. In doubt exclude before include.
  2. If inclusion still fails, check if both devices use the same frequency.
  3. Remove all dead devices from associations. Otherwise you will see severe delays.
  4. Never use sleeping battery devices without a central controller.
  5. Dont poll FLIRS devices.
  6. Make sure to have enough mains powered device to benefit from the meshing

Technical Data

Dimensions 0.1550000x0.2540000x0.1600000 mm
Weight 1700 gr
Hardware Platform ZM3102
EAN 0696859123498
Battery Type 4 * AA
Firmware Version 03.0f
Z-Wave Version 02.61
Certification ID ZC08-13120003
Z-Wave Product Id 0109.2006.0610
Frequency Europe - 868,4 Mhz
Maximum transmission power 5 mW

Supported Command Classes

Controlled Command Classes

Explanation of Z-Wave specific terms